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hapsody is a symphonic metal band founded in Trieste (Italy) in 1993, under the name of Thundercross, they will become Rhapsody in 1995.

Line-up at the time is Luca Turilli at guitars, Alex Staropoli at keyboards, Cristiano Adacher at singing, Andrea Furlan at bass and Daniele Carbonera at drums.

Luca Turilli and Alex Staropoli are still in the band today. They write the lyrics, story and music since the beginning.

Rhapsody are considered by many people as the creators of symphonic metal, or Hollywood metal, in reference to the movies soundtracks. Since their last album (released in 2004) they prefer the term film score metal, more accurate.

The band uses symphonic instruments such as flute, violin, cello, oboe and more in their songs. The album Symphony of Enchanted Lands Pt.II - The Dark Secret has been recorded with an orchestra, and Christopher Lee (Lord of the Rings) is doing the narrations.

Rhapsody has done two demo tapes, the first one was Land of Immortals in 1994, the second one Eternal Glory in 1995. The first album Legendary Tales was released in 1997. For further information about discography, take a look at the discography section.

urrent line-up of the band:
(from left to right)

Alex Staropoli (keyboards), Patrice Guers (bass), Luca Turilli (guitars), Alex Holzwarth (drums), Fabio Lione (vocals)


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